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Most Email providers have a very strong SPAM policy especially Gmail, Hotmail, Yahoo & etc. Thus, upon your registration the Activation Email that you need to click the link to activate your account, might be in your SPAM/JUNK folder. 

Please check your SPAM/JUNK folder frequently for emails from BarterIt.


What is the meaning of Barter?
Simple explanation “Barter” means Exchange or Swap items between two parties without using money as a medium of exchange.
Are there any charges if I register with BarterIt?
No, BarterIt is a free service to serve local communities and that's how it should be!
How do I get started?
Step 1. Register as a member (Barter Friends).
Step 2. Take a few nice pictures of your item from different angles.
Step 3. Upload to BarterIt.
Step 4. Add Wishlist (Max 3 - Optional) if you know what items you want to exchange for.
Note: After you login, there is a Help button with more information.
If I don’t know what I want, can I still upload to BarterIt?
Yes, you can highlight it in the Wishlist description (e.g. Open for suggestion or offer).
How do I send a request for barter?
  • First you have to be a BarterIt member.
  • Click on the item that you want and follow by clicking “REQUEST BARTER”
  • If you have not login you will be prompt to login first.
  • If you had uploaded some of your items, you can select which item of yours that you want to barter with the other member. 
Note: If you have not uploaded any items or you do not wish to use any of your items for barter; ignore “You have no item to barter” and proceed to send a message or offer to the item owner.
Can I sell my items if other members want to buy from me?
BarterIt is strictly a Bartering (Exchanging/Swapping) platform. Thus, please do not indicate any selling elements in our website. However, we are not involved in the negotiation process between our members, and then it's up to both parties how they want to close the deal.
Does BarterIt help to make the exchange?
No, BarterIt is not involved or held liable for any exchanges. We only serve as an online platform for our members to meet and communicate with each other. Any exchanges are solely the members own initiatives and liabilities.
Safety: Please be sensible about your own security risk when meeting up a barter friend for the exchange. It is advisable to meet up at public areas such as McDonald's, StarBucks & etc with public presence or bring a friend or relative along. BarterIt as an online platform, therefore is not held liable for any such risk.
Why can't I see who posted the items?
At BarterIt we try to protect the privacy of our members as much as possible. Thus, all items on BarterIt will not disclose the owners' information.
Security: Please don't put in your personal information or contact numbers on BarterIt. If you put in your personal information or contact numbers then it's at your own risk. All initial communication between members will be done via email or using the Q&A feature.

Below is some information about how our program works on communications between members:

  • All items will not have the owners’ information on our website to protect our members’ privacy.
  • BarterIt members can send a Message or a Barter Request to the items owners.
  • When a member send a barter request, the item owner will receive an email from the member. The owner of the item can then communicate with the requester through his/her email. Initial communication for both parties is through email only.
  • As for the requester the owner Profile will only be shown to them if the owner had approved their request.
  • Upon receiving a Barter Request, there are 3 options that members can select (KIV, Reject or Approve).
How can I be more successful in Bartering?
In order to be successful in bartering, communication and initiative are the keys. You can't just put up all your stuff and wait for requests. You could always browse and shop around and make requests for items that strike your fancy. Don't be too calculative about matching your items value, it is almost impossible. The purpose to barter is to discard what you don't need or don't use anymore in return for something you want or useful. SAVE your CASH by using your stuff as a medium of exchange.
What can I do if my offer has been rejected?
Basically both sides have to accept to make bartering work. If the owner rejected your offer you can always sent him/her a message asking for more information what he/she prefer or you can try to offer another item.
Can I change my mind after I have approved an offer?
In BarterIt, Approval does not mean the deal has been closed. Approval means that the owner of the items is interested and will like to negotiate further on the exchange. There are so many unforeseeable scenarios for either party to change their mind. Thus, do not take that once the owner Approved your offer, it is a done deal.
What can I do if the item that I had bartered is not what I expected or it is not delivered on time?
BarterIt is not involved in any exchanges; we only serve as an online platform for members to communicate. Thus, we are not liable for any exchanges dispute; it is solely up to the members to decide the next course of action. We however believe and hope that all our members will act responsibly.
Are there any items that I cannot post on BarterIt?
We do not accept any obscene articles/materials/items what so ever that against by Law. BarterIt reserved the right to reject any items that we feel not suitable for our Barter Friends community. If you come across any obscene, disturbing images or rude "Questions & Answers" please help us by clicking the Flag "Report Abuse".
As a normal member can I request for donate items?
No, only NGOs & Welfare Homes can request for donate items.


What can I do when I received a "Donate" request?
For your donate items, upon receiving "Donate" request from any NGOs or Welfare Homes, it is up to you to give to which organisation you prefer, as there might be requests from various organisations for your particular item. There are 3 options that you can select (KIV, Reject or Approve).
Does BarterIt help to deliver our donate items?
No, BarterIt is not involved or held liable for any donation items. We only serve as an online platform for our members to donate their items and NGOs or Welfare Homes to request for it. Both parties have to communicate with each other on how the delivery mode to be made or to be collected. Any physical donation is solely base on members and NGOs & Welfare Homes own initiatives and liabilities.
What is the difference using "Donate" features on BarterIt as I can just bring my items to donate to any NGOs or Welfare Homes that I come across?
Many kind hearted people donated their items to NGOs & Welfare Homes without realising that some of their items were not needed by the particular organisation or the organisation already have lots of it in their store.
People are too polite to reject the kind intention of the donors BUT in return lots of these donated items were wasted.
Now, with BarterIt "Donate" features NGOs & Welfare Homes will only request for items that they really need. This mean that you only give your items to organisation that really need it and this will definitely be a more effective way to donate.

If you have any further enquiries, please drop us an email @

Thank you.
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