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BarterIt is an online Barter (Exchange/Swap) platform for you to get what you want by way of discarding what you don't need. It is a great way for us to reduce the burden of our expenses by recycling some of our resources (e.g. Exchanging Books, rather than buy new ones...). By bartering we can also help to reduce some of our waste to the environment. BarterIt is a free service to serve the communities and that's how it should be!

  • BarterIt is an online platform for Bartering (Exchanging/Swapping) between our members. Members can discard some of their items in exchanged for something they want. We address our members as “Barter Friends”.
  • What is the meaning of Barter? Simple explanation “Barter” means Exchange or Swap items between two parties without using money as a medium of exchange.
  • Upon joining our Barter Friends community, please upload your items (with photo and description) for barter. If other members are interested in your items they can send you barter requests or send you questions. You can also start hunting by browsing, shop around and make requests or ask questions for items that strike your fancy.
  • At BarterIt we try to protect the privacy of our members as much as possible. Thus, all items on BarterIt will not disclose the owners' information.
  • Security: Please don't put in your personal information or contact numbers on BarterIt. If you put in your personal information or contact numbers then it's at your own risk. All initial communication between members will be done via email or using the Q&A feature.
  • Physical exchanges will take place either through meeting in person, courier or other methods upon confirmation by both parties.
  • Safety: Please be sensible about your own security risk when meeting up a barter friend for the exchange. It is advisable to meet up at public areas such as McDonald's, StarBucks & etc with public presence or bring a friend or relative along. BarterIt as an online platform, therefore is not held liable for any such risk.
  • BarterIt is not involved or held liable for any exchanges. We only serve as an online platform for our members to meet and communicate with each other. Any exchanges are solely the members' own initiatives and liabilities.
  • At BarterIt we have 3 different features for you to use as below:
  1. Have (Item that you owned)
  2. Want (Item that you are searching)
  3. Donate (Donate your item to NGOs & Welfare Homes.)
  • Oh, by the way BarterIt can also help companies to organise their Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) in an innovative way. For more information, please contact us or visit the below link about our past initiative.
  1. A Giving Initiative by KDK Malaysia. Care by BarterIt :)
  2. A Giving Initiative by Canadian Pizza. Care by BarterIt :)

THANK YOU :)                          

Remarks: Only NGOs & Welfare Homes can request for donate items.

  • BarterIt is not involved with any delivery, held liable for any donation items or fraud that some might misuse our platform. We only serve as an online platform for our members to donate their items and NGOs & Welfare Homes to request for it. Both parties have to communicate with each other on how to deliver the donate items. Any physical donation is solely base on the members and NGOs & Welfare Homes own initiatives and liabilities.
  • For donate items, upon receiving "Donate" request from NGOs or Welfare Homes, it is up to the members to give their items to which organisation they prefer, as there might be requests from various organisation for a particular item.

NGOs & Welfare Homes information:

  • Once your kind organisation Registered with BarterIt you can start to request for items that you need in "DONATE" folder. (Donate items by our members are all in this folder).
  • Steps to REQUEST donate items : Go to DONATE Folder >> READ MORE on the items you need >> REQUEST DONATE.
  • Please Join us and kindly share BarterIt with your family and friends.
  • Start Bartering what you don't NEED anymore for what you've always WANTed. Oh, and remember to have Fun :)
  • Please refer to FAQ page or contact us for more information.          


Thank you.

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