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1) A Giving Initiative by KDK Malaysia. Care by BarterIt :)

‚ÄčThank you KDK for making this Giving Initiative possible :D   We would like to express our gratitude to KDK Malaysia on behalf of t...

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2) A Giving Initiative by Canadian Pizza. Care by BarterIt :)

Finally the spread of yummy joy has ended at "Rumah Hope" :) We are so happy that Canadian 2for1 Pizza is making an initiative to bring some jo...

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3) Get more tips about Bartering by BarterIt which can help you Save ;)

We are so thrilled that we are on BFM :)   Learning the skills in bartering will definitely help you to save some of your resource$ in the long run...   ...

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4) Why "Donate" features on BarterIt to NGOs & Welfare Homes is more effective?

BarterIt is trying to reach out to all NGOs & Welfare Homes, in hope to inform them that they can ...

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5) Testimonials :)

Hi All, Together let's help these kind organisation in our country to SAVE... Just upload your Unused/Unwanted items that you wish to donate on BarterIt. ...

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6) Success Stories "BarterIt Donation Platform" :)

Thank you Barter Friends for your kindness :) We greatly appreciated that you all donated your Unused/Unwanted items using BarterIt donation platform. ...

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7) What is Barter ???

  Simple explanation “Barter” means Exchange or Swap items between two parties without using money as a medium of exchange. Why Barter ??? To Recycle our Money. By ...

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8) Why Barter?

Barter to “REDUCE” our resource consumption on beloved Mother Earth, Barter to let other "REUSE" our items & lastly with no other choice we "RECYCLE"… BAR...

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9) We Barter do you?

First and foremost we will like to thank those who have joined BarterIt and have liked our Facebook page. We had created BarterIt a Barter (Exchange/Swap) platform in hope to serve the com...

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10) Lets Start Bartering!

Bartering is for you to exchange your items that are valuable to someone but not necessarily valuable to you, and get something of value back. Simply put, it's "You scratch my back, I scra...

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11) A Phenomenal Success Story "One Red Paper Clip" !!!

  The True Story of “One Red Paper Clip” that inspired BarterIt…. From Wikipedia: Kyle MacDonald bartered his way from a single red paperclip to a house in a ...

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AUG '17

Interviewed by Harian Metro

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APR '16

Interviewed by Cari.com.my

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MAR '16

Interviewed by Sin Chew Daily

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