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Everyone loves getting the most for less. Well, so do we!

Saving is what we do best. In fact, it is the prevailing philosophy of our every single effort and vision.

Here at Savepot is to help you save on everything and more. How? By constantly providing you up to date online information and beneficial programs that will get the best value for your hard earned money.

Together Let's Help Save our Resources!


Saving Platforms on Savepot...

BarterIt is a Bartering platform by Savepot.com and it's a free community initiative to serve local communities through Bartering, Freecycling and Recycling. 

Barter to Reduce-Reuse-Recycle ;)

Though Bartering (Exchanging or Swapping) items have been practicing so many moons ago, it is practically a very new idea to our current society. 

BarterIt objective is to reduce waste and encourage community members to engage with each other, make new friends and have fun going green :)

At BarterIt besides Bartering you can also donate your items to NGOs and Welfare Homes.

Please share BarterIt with your family and friends, and put up some of your unwanted or unused items for barter. If you have any items to donate please put it up as well. A little contribution from everyone will make a big difference to those in need.

Note "Only NGOs and Welfare Homes can request for donate items". 

Besides the public, BarterIt is trying to reach out to all NGOs and Welfare Homes, in hope to inform them that they can get some donate items on BarterIt which will help them to reduce their spending on tangible items in the long run. Together let's help these kind organisations to Save!

Thus, we need everyone's help to SHARE this Good News with them. Kindly share BarterIt with any NGOs and Welfare Homes you come across.

Bartering is a great way for us to reduce the burden of our expenses by recycling some of our resources (e.g. Exchanging Books, rather than buy new ones...). By bartering we can also help to reduce some of our waste to the environment. With BarterIt now you can discard some of your unwanted items in return for something you want.

Please give your support to this initiative by Joining our "Barter Friends" community.
SaveIt E-Promotions platform objective is to reduce the amount of flyers which are hazardous and polluting the environment. We all had seen the amount of pamphlets/flyers/brochures around us. How many of these printed materials we have been collecting every month? Imagine the whole country and most of it is going to the landfills or incinerators.

SaveIt hope more Retailers and Businesses will GoGreen and support E-Promotions to help reduce the printed materials, since most of us don’t read it.

With SaveIt E-Promotions there are no designer fee, no printing fee and no labour fee for distribution. No fees at all but you need to "DIY" and create your own ad and most importantly it is a Greener Way to promote. SaveIt encourage businesses to upload their own promotions "DIY" so that they can manage and design their own ads.

If you are a business owner or in charge of your company Advertising and Promotions, please do Join us and upload your Promotions/Offers/Discounts/Sales for more awareness on your campaigns.


At Savepot, we would wish to say thank you in advance for all the support that we will need in the foreseeable future and with your help we hope that we are able to bring you more innovative solutions based on our "Savepot Philosophy".


Thank you.

Savepot "Your Pot of Saving" ;)



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